Shayla Price

Why Finding the Perfect Statistic Shouldn’t Be Your Goal

Finding the perfect statistic shouldn't be your content goal. Instead, learn other key elements when conducting effective content research.

Research Skills: How to Practice Good Stat Hygiene

Content marketers can improve their research skills by practicing good stat hygiene. Learn how to make your content more reliable to build audience trust.

The Role of Statistics: How to Craft a Compelling Narrative

Statistics can do more for your content than just be a standalone statement. Learn how to craft a compelling narrative with stats.

How Statistics Improve Your Storytelling

Statistics help content marketers tell compelling stories to their audiences. Learn how to improve your storytelling skills with data.

Citing Statistics: Are You Contributing to the Problem?

Lack of proper attribution is one of the major issues with citing statistics. Learn how you can stop the spread of misinformation.

Are You Adding Too Many Stats in Your Content?

Is there such a thing as having too many stats in your content? Here are five questions to determine whether you should add a stat.

How to Add Interesting Statistics to Your Content

Statistics are a storytelling technique for content marketers. Learn how to capture your audience by adding interesting stats to your content.

How to Visualize Statistics to Boost Online Shareability 

Stats can serve as an effective starting point to entice people to read your content. Learn how to visualize statistics to get others to share.

How to Write Statistics in Your Content

Statistics help content marketers convey their perspectives to readers. It’s the extra support you need to compel your audience to take action.

How to Interpret Statistics to Improve Your Writing Skills

Statistics are a valuable asset for content marketers. Learn how to interpret statistics to improve your writing skills for your next blog post.