Top 8 Brands With the Best Original Research Reports

Original research reports help brands establish thought leadership in their niche. Reports also can serve as educational tools by breaking down complex issues, trends, or market dynamics. 

They help customers make informed decisions.

Specific elements can make your original research report standout. After analyzing more than 100 reports from 60 brands, we found key sections to include in your original research report along with the top brands with the best reports.

Key Sections of an Original Research Report

Purpose: Clearly state the purpose of the survey and the research questions. 

Methodology: Describe the research methods you used to conduct the survey, including the sample size, sampling method, and data collection techniques. 

Results: Present the results of the survey in a clear and concise manner, using tables and charts to illustrate the data. 

Analysis: Analyze the data and draw conclusions based on the research questions. 

Limitations: Discuss any limitations of the survey, including any biases or other factors that may have influenced the data. 

Implications: Discuss the implications of the results for the research question and the broader field of the survey. 

Recommendations: Provide recommendations for further research or actions based on the results of the survey.

Conclusion: Summarize the main findings. 

Top Brands With the Best Original Research Reports

1. HubSpot 

While HubSpot is popular for its marketing tool, another factor that makes it stand out  is its impeccable research reports. The team not only focuses on undergoing accurate analysis and presenting the results in an easy-to-comprehend manner, but they also emphasize different perspectives.

Why They’re Awesome:

  • They focus on researching for the intended audience, making their research purpose useful and relevant to the current times.
  • They have the ability to present complicated results.

Amazing Report: State of Marketing Report 2023

2. Muck Rack 

Muck Rack is an effective tool that leverages cutting-edge technology to search for journalists, understand their preferences, and make the media relation process easier. 

Why They’re Awesome:

  • They pay great attention to methodology, providing the reader with the demographics like age, profession and number of people surveyed.
  • They clearly describe the report’s intent and result.

Amazing Report: The State of PR 2023

3. Salesforce

Salesforce is a cloud-based CRM software that aims at connecting businesses to their customers. They share resources focused on marketing, sales, service, commerce, and small business owners. 

Why They’re Awesome:

  • These reports have a defined purpose.
  • They also provide a highly comprehensive summary to help their readers understand the report efficiently.

Amazing Report: State of the Connected Customer

4. Lattice

Lattice is a HR platform that aims to transform employees into high performers with insightful analytics and improved feedback mechanisms.

Why They’re Awesome:

  • Along with an insightful conclusion, Lattice provides actionable steps to address the topic presented in the report.
  • They provide a well-written survey methodology and description of the respondents.

Amazing Report: State of People Strategy 2023

5. Klaviyo

Klaviyo is an eCommerce marketing automation platform.With this platform, companies can connect with their customers seamlessly across various channels like emails, SMS and push notifications.    

Why They’re Awesome:

  • They have a well-segmented report covering impactful aspects that can help eCommerce companies get an insight into their specific industry.
  • They present the results in a concise manner.

Amazing Report: Ecommerce Email Benchmarks By Industry Q2’23

6. Slack

Slack is an innovative messaging platform designed to connect people in businesses, whether small, medium or large enterprises. It helps bridge the communication gap between remote and in-office teams.

Why They’re Awesome:

  • The report provides recommendations and further courses of action that help address the issue discussed.
  • It’s presented in a visually appealing infographic format, making it easier to navigate and understand.

Amazing Report: The State of Work in 2023

7. Cisco

Cisco is a networking, cloud and security solution enabling businesses, industries and communities to securely connect. 

Why They’re Awesome:

  • The report includes methodology details, like the sample population, chosen research method, and limitations.
  • They have a well-written conclusion that includes actionable recommendations for further studies.

Amazing Report: 2023 Data Privacy Benchmark Study

8. Drift

Drift is an AI-powered engagement platform enabling businesses to create a personalized buying experience for prospective buyers.

Why They’re Awesome:

  • Report offers the purpose, methodology and results of their research.
  • They also provide key insights and recommendations for marketers to improve their work.

Amazing Report: 2023 State of Marketing and Sales AI Report

Tips for Creating Effective Original Research Reports

Clearly Define Your Research Objectives: Start by outlining the specific goals and objectives of your research. What do you aim to achieve with this report? Having a clear purpose will guide your entire research process.

Data Collection and Analysis: Collect data meticulously, keeping in mind the quality and accuracy of the information. Use reliable data analysis tools and techniques to draw meaningful insights from the collected data.

Emphasize Relevance: Make sure your research report addresses topics and issues that are relevant to your audience. Understand your target readers and tailor the content to meet their needs and interests.

Transparency in Methodology: Be transparent about your research methodology. Explain how you collected and analyzed data, as this builds trust with your audience and allows them to assess the report’s credibility.

Visual Representation: Incorporate visual elements such as charts, graphs, and infographics to present complex data in an easily understandable format. Visual aids can significantly enhance comprehension and engagement, making your findings more accessible to a broader audience.

Interactive Summaries or Tools: Consider creating interactive summaries or tools that allow readers to engage directly with your research findings. Try interactive maps, calculators, or quizzes related to your research topic. Interactive elements can deepen understanding and encourage active participation, fostering a more impactful connection with your audience.

Promote Your Research: A great research report is only valuable if people know about it. Use various marketing channels to promote your report and reach a wider audience. This might include email marketing, social media, or partnerships with other organizations.

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