Introducing PrimoStats’ AI Chatbot Paige

Say goodbye to endless hours of research and hello to relevant statistics in seconds with PrimoStats’ new AI chatbot, Paige

We are excited to announce the release of our original chatbot, designed to transform the way you conduct content research.

Paige is powered by OpenAI’s GPT technology. Using natural language processing, the chatbot allows content marketers to ask and receive stats within seconds. This advanced technology saves valuable time and provides tailor-made statistics to meet your specific content needs.

Here are a few benefits of using Paige:

  • Time Savings: Eliminate the need for extensive research and quickly get statistics.
  • Relevant Stats: Get topic-related statistics to meet your specific content needs.
  • Trusted Source: All statistics come directly from PrimoStats’ database, providing the accurate source, publication year, and source link.

Our searchable database contains over 25,000 statistics covering more than 80 industry topics from 180 original sources. PrimoStats has already helped more than 1,200 writers locate trustworthy and relevant stats, and we are excited to take our platform to the next level with Paige.

At PrimoStats, we are dedicated to helping content marketers find and cite relevant stats faster. We understand the importance of using accurate and trustworthy statistics in your content, and that’s why we have curated our database to include only the best sources. 

Paige is currently available for Professional and Business members. Current members can log into PrimoStats and click “Ask Paige” on the website header.