Set Up a Remote Office Space That Boosts Productivity

Remote work started gaining popularity in 2018, but it was still uncommon back then. Now, the state of remote work has changed completely. 

With the trend of remote work shifting, many are looking forward to building their remote office spaces and improving their overall work life and productivity. 

Building a perfect home office is not an easy task, but having the right tools and setting up the right environment can help make a difference.

In this article, we’ll dig deeper into the benefits of setting up a remote office space, why you need one, and examples to inspire your space.

Benefits of Remote Office Space

Given the choice, many of us like the flexibility of working from a home office. And, why not? To work from your home, at your pace, seems like a win-win situation for both employers and workers. 

When asked what is the main reason to set up a home office, content marketing specialist Kim Sayers, said:

 “I set up a home office to separate my workspace from my personal living areas. This was not only to physically establish healthy work-life boundaries, but also to help me create a space where I can mentally shift into work mode and focus solely on my tasks.” 

For me, I like to have some alone time while doing my work; it helps me to focus better, and I can finish my work without any disturbance. 

Some of the benefits of working in a remote office include:

  • More flexibility– Set your own hours to work and adjust them according to your requirements.
  • Save time from commuting– You don’t need to travel back and forth or struggle to find a cafe/co-working space for you to work. Whenever you like, you can go back to your home office and work at your pace.
  • Environment friendly– Working from a remote office proves to be quite an eco-friendly choice. It causes less pollution. 

Working from a home office provides flexibility to continue business operations while prioritizing your well being at the same time.

How to Set Up Your Remote Office Space

Setting up your own home office space can be challenging, especially if you’re doing it for the first time. It’s fairly easy to pull a chair and work from your kitchen table, but it’s worth the price to invest in a long-term workspace that supports your health and well-being.

Rika, owner of Kosmo, said:

“Having a space that is dedicated to your work helps to separate work time from off-time and increases productivity. Besides having a comfortable chair and a height-adjustable table, I like to add personal touches that make me happy. This makes being in my home office more enjoyable and therefore increases productivity.”

When you dedicate your time and invest in designing a proper workspace that is sustainable and comfortable, it keeps you more energized and also makes you more productive. 

A study by Furniture Work mentioned that 39% of remote workers said they feel more productive working in the office. The increase in productivity comes even though just 46% say they actually sit at a home office desk when working from home, with other common home office settings including the kitchen table (27%) and the sofa (15%). 

Here are a few tips to help improve your remote workplace productivity:

  • Have a dedicated workspace – If you don’t have a proper workspace, then it can hinder your productivity with other distractions.
  • Include your personal touch – Be it a plant, painting, book, or lightning, try to include something that resembles you.
  • Change your workstation every now and then – Change the scenery (for example, work outdoors or in co-working spaces). It keeps things exciting and helps prevent boredom.
  • Add some greenery – Consider including some plants in your home office. It can improve your mental health and overall mood

Further explaining the need for dedicated office space, Kim Sayers says:

“If I didn’t have a dedicated workspace, personal distractions like chores or home projects would affect my concentration and productivity. With my home office, I have an organized space that makes me happy, allowing me to block out these distractions and comfortably complete my responsibilities.”

Here are more aspects to consider in your workspace to boost your productivity:

  • Upgrade your remote office chair with an ergonomic one.
  • Use an external monitor to help you gain more desktop space.
  • Add soft lighting to create a calm atmosphere.
  • Build a relaxing work environment with oil diffusers.
  • Declutter your office space regularly.

The options are limitless for setting up your home office space. Get creative and build your workspace in a cozy corner or take up the whole room. 

Get Inspired by These Remote Office Spaces

Get ideas to set up your own office space. Check out the offices of these remote workers.

Ashley Howe, Content Marketer at Tapfiliate

Ashley has an efficient, portable home office. Paired with indoor plants and soft lighting, it gives an ambiance to help her focus. Depending on how she feels, Ashley sometimes stands or sits to do her work.

Michal Jonca, Community Manager at PhotoAiD

Michal likes to keep his workspace organized as he feels more motivated to do his work. He mentioned how having a dedicated office helps him to separate his personal and professional life, creating boundaries.

Besides a large desk, two extra monitors, a cabinet, and a bookcase, he also keeps a scented candle with some of his favorite smell mixtures nearby. Lighting it up is a kind of morning ritual that keeps him relaxed during work.  

Anna Burgess Yang, Fintech Writer + Workflow Consultant

Anna has a simple, dedicated workspace with some of the nice outside views. Her workspace gives warm and cozy vibes where anyone can easily focus.

Dylan, Content Executive for Twinkl Educational Publishing

Dylan’s workspace gives “homey” vibes. It helps set a warm atmosphere to check off tasks from to-do lists and get a nap when the work is finished. 

Kenneth Cassel, Founder of Diode

Aesthetic vibes lovers would like to have a similar workspace as Kenneth. The hanging plants and warm atmosphere gives it a unique look.

Level Up Your Remote Office Space 

When you’re working from home, it’s easy to blur the lines between your personal and working life. That’s why having a separate home office space can solve this issue. Build a working environment that you’ll love and will boost your productivity.

About the Author

Kesar Rana is a SaaS and tech writer. Writing long-form content for B2B brands that produce quantifiable leads. Follow Kesar on LinkedIn and Twitter.